DMT Group Companies

DMT GmbH & Co. KG
Based in Essen and with 17 offices throughout Germany, DMT GmbH & Co. KG is the holding company of the DMT group. With a more than 150-year history connected to the German coal mining industry, today the company operates as an independent provider of engineering and consulting services all over the world. Its activities focus on the fields of natural resources exploration, mining and cokemaking technology, construction and infrastructure projects, safety in buildings, product testing and measurement instrumentation.

DMT Consulting Limited (Formerly IMC Group Consulting Limited)
Ever since 1947, this mining consultancy has provided consulting support for countless international projects in mining and natural resources extraction, in environment protection and for the energy industries – in more than 150 countries. DMT Consulting Limited, formerly IMC GCL, has been a part of the DMT organisation since 2006. This UK company is headquartered in Nottingham and has representatives in London, Moscow and Calcutta.

DMT Consulting Private Limited
This Indian mining consultancy was founded in 1998 and in 2009 was merged into IMC GCL. DMT Consulting Private Limited has a team of experienced geologists, geophysicists, engineers and financial analysts with expertise in geological & geophysical exploration, modelling & resource assessment, mine planning, evaluation of greenfield and brownfield mining projects, cost assessment & financial analysis and mining productivity improvement. The company's unique strength is its high level of proficiency in using state-of-the art geological modelling & mining planning software and it has established itself as a premier, independent, mining consulting organization in India. The company has also provided consulting services in about 45 other countries.

DMT Geosciences Ltd.
This Canadian company focuses on natural resources exploration and on consulting services associated with mining. Among DMT Geosciences’s clientele are mining companies, oil and gas producers, investors in the natural resources market, and exploration companies – in North and South America, Africa and Asia. 

DMT Kai Batla Pty Ltd
DMT Kai Batla, founded in 2008, is a geological consulting and contracting company in the mining and exploration sectors. It offers the full breadth of geological services across multiple commodities, including coal, gold, copper and iron-ore. The company, based in Johannesburg, has offices in South Africa and Mozambique – DMT-KAI BATLA (Mozambique) Limitada – and is renowned for its work on operational mines as well as Greenfield and Brownfield exploration projects across Africa.  

DMT Petrologic GmbH & Co. KG
DMT Petrologic is dedicated to providing competent geophysical services and innovative seismic data solutions to the oil and gas industry. Operating since 1998 from Hannover, Germany, effective cooperation with strategic partners leads to conduction of complex interdisciplinary projects from acquisition support over processing towards analysis and interpretation.

DMT Engineering Surveying GmbH & Co. KG
Founded in 1967, the company has offices in Herne and Hamburg, Germany. The firm’s service portfolio focuses on pipeline engineering, industrial and engineering surveying plus documentation, data analysis and programming. DMT Engineering Surveying GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Dr.-Ing. Wesemann Gesellschaft für Ingenieurgeodäsie mbH) joined the DMT group in 2015 and has been trading under the new name since August 2018.

Höntzsch GmbH & Co. KG
Höntzsch is a manufacturer of high-quality metrological systems in the field of fluid mechanics and flow meter technology, thus complementing DMT’s range of custom-made precision instruments for use in the natural resources and energy sectors, chemistry and petrochemistry, steel industry and drive engineering. The company specialises in developing solutions for process reliability and plant safety, both nationally and internationally.

IMC Montan LLC
IMC Montan is a mining consulting company with experience of assignments in practically every type of mineral. Clients include many well-known companies in Russia and other CIS countries. IMC Montan LLC also works closely with major banks and financing institutions operating in the mining sector. To provide efficient services to its CIS clients, the company is located in Moscow and has representation in the neighbouring countries. The core team of international and Russian professionals cooperates very closely with other companies of the DMT Group worldwide.

PT. DMT Exploration Engineering Consulting Indonesia
Founded in 2012, our Indonesian subsidiary offers a full range of engineering and consulting services in the fields of mining and natural resources. The branch provides our Asian clients with immediate access to DMT's expertise and the complete portfolio of our mining consulting and engineering services. Solutions are customised to meet the demands of the Asian market and cover the entire mine life cycle.