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We assist companies and industry, municipalities, cities and states in discovering, evaluating and utilizing the future resource of geothermal energy. Whatever phase your geothermal project is in, our specialists are there to advise you right from the first consideration. Get in touch with us!

Geothermal energy for the energy transition 

Clean and sustainable, an infinite mineral resource that contributes to an environmentally friendly energy supply: With the demand for climate-friendly, renewable energy, the focus is on the huge potential of inexhaustible geothermal energy, directly beneath our feet. At depths of around 3,000 meters and more, thermal waters are so hot that there is no need for a heat pump and therefore no additional electricity.

Deep geothermal energy can supply more than 25% of the required heat energy in Germany and thus make an important contribution to achieving climate targets. A move away from fossil-based energy generation simply cannot be achieved without the expansion of renewable, climate-friendly energies such as deep geothermal energy.

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From exploration to plant commissioning - all geothermal services from a single source

DMT demonstrates hands-on expertise at every stage of the project. We offer solutions across the entire process chain that support the site search, minimize the drilling risk, increase safety, minimize the costs of extraction, and increase productivity. DMT has been providing consulting services and geophysical surveys in numerous geothermal projects for more than 15 years.

Projct Initiation

DMT will help you get your deep geothermal project off to a successful start. We work with you to determine the foundations and regulations regarding location, technical possibilities and market conditions. On this basis, we work out a benefit and risk assessment and calculate the economic viability of the project. These preparations finally lead to a project structure plan for all subsequent phases. In this way, we set the course for a successful project right from the start - technically, commercially and, last but not least, socially through early public participation and information.

Site exploration

We are industry leaders in subsurface exploration and in determining the potential for deep geothermal energy exploitation. Initial typical DMT services include the planning and execution of 2D/3D seismic surveys, their evaluation, subsurface modelling, as well as simulation and bore path planning. Furthermore, we are on hand as an experienced project partner when it comes to obtaining all the necessary permits and approvals as well as performing environmental impact assessments. 

Comprehensive geophysical exploration by DMT's experienced experts is absolutely vital before any municipality or company even considers commissioning kilometer-deep drilling. This is the only way to find out whether a site is at all suitable for geothermal energy untilization and whether drilling can be carried out at low risk.


If the site investigation is successful, we work with you to implement the final steps on the way to a geothermal heat plant. DMT draws up operating plans and handles the planning of both the building and the plant, as well as the subsequent plant engineering. We support you with connection to the grid and plant commissioning, right up until the first kilowatt hours from your deep geothermal energy supply start flowing.

Deep geothermal energy - climate protection for industry, cities and municipalities

The economic efficiency and price certainty of deep geothermal energy of currently 0.02 euro cents per kilowatt hour of thermal energy is not only attractive for municipal heating networks, who can convert surrounding settlement areas to sustainable thermal energy promptly and cost-effectively - with commercial success and entirely in line with climate targets.


In addition, larger agricultural operations can supply stables or greenhouses with heat, or the wood industry can dry products quickly and cost-effectively. With the appropriate technology, industry can easily obtain and use process temperatures of up to 700 °C from geothermal energy. Higher temperatures up to 1,200 °C are technically more complex - but even these existing systems appear promising.

Setting the political course for promoting geothermal energy

According to the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, fifty percent of heat in Germany is to be generated in a climate-neutral manner by 2030. Politicians have committed themselves to preparing the ground for this and to accelerating procedures. Comprehensive subsidy programs must be set up and legal risk mitigation created for the expansion of geothermal energy. Cities and municipalities must be guaranteed that their geothermal project will be covered by an exploration risk insurance policy.

As a result of this political will, geothermal energy has now irreversibly become one of the most important building blocks for improving the competitiveness of municipalities and companies in the long term and thus leading Germany as an industrial location into a more secure future.

"The opening balance sheet on climate protection of January 2022 therefore already contains the concrete goal of developing a geothermal potential of 10 TWh in medium-deep and deep geothermal energy as far as possible by 2030, thus increasing tenfold the current input into heating networks from this source. To achieve this, we want to initiate at least 100 additional geothermal projects by 2030, connect them to heating grids, and make geothermal energy usable in residential buildings, neighborhoods, and industrial processes. Regions where geothermal energy is suitable are therefore to be identified in an exploration campaign and the information made available to local authorities. At the same time, all questions of safety and environmental protection should be considered from the outset," explains the ministry.

The eight measures included in the Ministry's key issues paper to achieve the climate protection goal:

  1.  Exchange with stakeholders - dialogue process on necessary measures.
  2.  Data campaign - Systematic provision of existing data to enable the basis for successful projects.
  3. Exploration campaign - exploration partially financed by the federal government in areas that offer a high probability of success for specific projects.
  4. Planning acceleration - identify and leverage optimization potential in approval processes.
  5. Support programs - provide impetus for market preparation and competitiveness. 
  6. Risk mitigation - examining risk hedging instruments. (For DMT, this means a state-run exploration risk insurance).
  7. Securing skilled workers - developing strategies for attracting young talent.
  8. Acceptance - information events and acceptance programs should become an integral part of any project.

The potential of geothermal energy has not yet been exhausted in technological terms either

In the field of deep geothermal energy, various techniques are currently being used and tested in Germany: These include the classic deep boreholes which, as doublets or triplets, use the deep rock with the water circulating there to generate heat and/or electricity, deep geothermal probes in the area of direct heat generation, and combinations of both. But also the subsequent use of old mining pits or mine waters for geothermal applications is under investigation.


DMT is a member of the world's second largest geothermal association, Bundesverband Geothermie e.V., through which we are integrated into national and international networks such as the International Geothermal Association (IGA), the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) and the Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energien (BEE).

Furthermore, we are represented in the Geothermal Energy Expert Committee of GDBM, whose aim is to promote further development of this form of energy. The regular committee meetings are attended by project developers and operators, universities, engineering companies, suppliers and authorities. The focus is on the use of warm water from former mines as well as on deep geothermal energy, i.e. the collection of ground heat by means of borehole mining.

Since 2017 DMT has also been a partner in Greentech.Ruhr, a network of innovative companies, research and educational institutions and various public institutions in the environmental sector. The Greentech.Ruhr project is an initiative of Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH, whose aim is to promote the Ruhr Metropolis worldwide as the leading area for the development and provision of environmental services and solutions.

DMT is committed to finding clean, sustainable solutions for the future!


DMT is partner in the EU INTERREG programme DGE-Rollout (Deep Geothermal Energy Rollout) in North-West Europe.

The DGE-ROLLOUT Project target is to facilitate the uptake of low carbon technologies, products, processes and services in sectors with high energy saving potential, to reduce GHG emissions in NWE.

Within this Project, DMT provides exploration and engineering support for deep geothermal energy usage, is the first information source for stakeholders & investors and ensures transparency of geothermal energy usage to the public.

DMT activities are:

  • Underground Heatflow simulation: DMT provides underground heat flow models to reduce drilling risk, to plan drill paths and to optimize parameters of hot water processing plants.
  • Geological Atlas of the Ruhr Area: DMT supports the Geological Service of North-Rhine Westphalia to produce a Geological Atlas, to reduce the drilling risk in the Ruhr Area. Exploration data from coal mining will be made accessible and usable.
  • Seismological Data Center in the Bergbau-Museum Bochum: DMT, together with GZB, will set-up a seismic monitoring network to provide automatic real-time observation of seismological data. It will provide real-time location and event assessment and make induced seismicity transparent to the public.
  • Exploration Support: DMT advises stakeholders concerning underground exploration of geothermal resources.

The European Union promotes "European territorial cooperation" through its structural and investment policies. Its INTERREG programme provides a framework to develop innovative project ideas and to deliver concrete new results. It  supports transnational cooperation between national, regional and local partners. North-West Europe is one of the six programme areas. 
More information on INTERREG North-West Europe














DMT stands for expertise and high-quality services. We have been active in the exploration of raw materials for more than 100 years. We assist in the search for and evaluation of geothermal reservoirs, always pushing the limits of what is technically feasible to meet client requirements. We help to ensure that clients have access to the latest and most efficient technologies, making projects more economical and safer. This is also the case when it comes to deep geothermal energy. With state-of-the-art equipment and an interdisciplinary team with a high level of technical expertise, we have been active internationally in this field for many years and this enables us to offer our customers a diverse range of services related to deep geothermal energy.

Project initiation

In order to be able to assess whether a project for the use of geothermal energy is fundamentally worth considering, a number of questions first need to be answered in detail. It all starts with a substantial basic investigation, analyses of the existing situation, potential, benefits and risks, and economic viability, preliminary planning, and smart subsidy management, to name just the essential factors.


    • Basic evaluation of regulations, location, technology, market
    • Inventory analysis (on communal level as well as for quarters and/or single buildings)
    • Potential analysis (of all renewable energies)
    • Benefit and risk structure (on communal level as well as for quarters and/or individual buildings)
    • Targets and milestones
    • Heat transition strategies
    • Profitability calculations
    • Project planning for follow-up phases
    • Information and participation of the public and all relevant stakeholders
    • Press relations and social media
    • Implementation planning and support
    • Redevelopment planning
    • Funding management (BEW, KfW, KFKG and regional funding programs of the federal states, e.g. progress.NRW)
    • Workshops to establish a comprehensive information base and common understanding among all stakeholders

    Project Management

    DMT provides support for all planning, geoscientific, drilling and construction services. This allows you to react flexibly to changing conditions which require quick responsiveness as well as adaptability within the framework of budget and scheduling. The integrated cooperation of all participants ensures that synergies are fully exploited. Economic efficiency and safety are always at the centre of attention.

    Construction project management

    • Assessment of geological requirements
    • Feasibility analyses
    • Risk assessment
    • Optimisation of work interfaces
    • Design and implementation planning for all project phases
    • Concept, budget and time planning

    Coordination under planning law

    • Checks in accordance with standards and regulations
    • Preparation of tender documents
    • Checking of providers
    • Support in contract negotiations and contract drafting

    Drilling and construction supervision in addition to site management

    • Supervision of services and construction work
    • Coordination of trades
    • Tendering, awarding, deadline control, accounting
    • Performance acceptance and quality assurance
    • Contract and claim management
    • Additional work processing

    Site exploration

    Detailed site exploration is the basis for further action and one of our central business areas. As early as the exploration stage, commercially significant advantages can often be achieved. Precise planning, thorough exploration and interdisciplinary data evaluation and geological interpretation are the foundations for successful projects.

    Seismic surveys

    Seismic structural exploration, proven in oil and gas exploration among others, combined with state-of-the-art computer-aided interpretation, determines the best site, optimizes drilling planning and thus makes your projects more successful and safer.

    • Operational plan, environmental impact and species protection assessment, explosive ordnance detection
    • Survey design study for optimal planning of a seismic survey
    • (Pre)permitting, obtaining permits
    • 2D, 3D, 4D reflection seismics (cable-connected and wireless)
    • Refraction seismics (also for determining the static corrections/weathering layer, “low velocity layer”)
    • Vibration seismics (also slip sweep), conventional excitation
    • Shallow water seismics (transition zone)
    • Vertical seismic profiling (VSP)
    • Combination of the versions presented above, e.g. vibration seismics, wireless and cable-connected on land and in shallow water with infill and airgun excitation
    • Reclamation, removal of potential damage

    Data processing

    A significant step in the processing of 2D/3D seismic data is processing. DMT's experienced specialists can provide you with optimum solutions and meaningful results.

    • Seismic 2D-/3D-/4D-Processing
    • Optimal static corrections
    • Full-waveform inversion (FWI)
    • Multiple elimination
    • Post stack time migration
    • Reprocessing of legacy data
    • Pre-stack time migration
    • Pre-stack deep migration
    • CRS – Common Reflection Surface Stack
    • AVO – Amplitude Versus Offset
    • Further special data processing for optimal interpretation, e.g. Shearwater Reveal, Landmark ProMAX/SeisSpace, OpenGeophysical, OpenCPS, Tsunami Development, Paradigm GeoDepth/ EarthStudy 360, CGGVeritas, Hampson-Russell
    • Evaluations of other geophysical methods (gravimetry, magnetotellurics, etc.)

    Geological interpretation and modeling

    Many years of experience in the interpretation and modeling of geological and geophysical data characterize our interdisciplinary team. In combination with state-of-the-art software, reliable results are delivered as a basis for decision-making for further project development - the basic requirement for any geothermal project.

    • Interpretation of 2D, 3D and 4D seismic data
    • Integration and interpretation of further geophysical measurements (e.g. gravimetry, magnetotellurics)
    • Integration of geophysical borehole measurements
    • Facies analysis and spatial modeling
    • Attribute analysis on 3D seismic data sets
    • Time/depth conversion
    • 3D structural models for complex tectonic settings
    • Disturbance characterisation
    • Stress field analysis
    • Creation of block models and spatial distributions of reservoir parameters
    • Consultation for borepath planning & creation of preliminary profiles
    • Evaluation and adjustment of existing models during drilling operations
    • Review of seismic and geological evaluation of third parties (2nd opinion)

    Hydrogeology and reservoir simulation

    In order to use a geothermal plant efficiently in the long term, detailed knowledge of the reservoir properties is essential. Based on geological modeling, different usage scenarios can be simulated to gain knowledge about heat exchange, cooling behavior or flow properties.

    • Numerical groundwater models
    • Geothermal use of mine water
    • Numerical mine water models
    • Geothermal simulation
    • Fissure flow models
    • Mass transport and reactive mass transport
    • Heat transport
    • Multiphase flows


    To make a geothermal project a success, seamless process advancement is essential. Especially in the transition from exploration to drilling and then from extraction to heating plant technology.

    Drilling site, drilling planning and monitoring

    A drilling site for injection and production wells requires precise technical planning. We are experienced in all detailed planning and take care of securing the necessary permits. 

    • Selection of the drilling site
    • Detailed planning
    • Subsoil investigation
    • Statics of the drilling site
    • Permit rights and procedures
    • Explosive ordnance detection
    • Construction supervision

    Drilling planning is crucial for the successful sinking of deep boreholes. This involves optimizing the drilling paths, selecting the appropriate drilling rig, and dimensioning the casing. But the preparation of time and cost schedules and the preparation of the drilling tender are also tasks that DMT can handle professionally for you.

    • Drilling planning and design
    • Preparation of tender documents
    • Support in evaluating the bids 
    • Permitting rights and procedures
    • Detailed planning of borehole measurements and tests
    • Drilling monitoring

    Seismological monitoring

    Safety is paramount in any geothermal project. Under the three keywords measurement, preservation of evidence and assessment, DMT offers a comprehensive range of seismological monitoring services including measurement, assessment and expert opinions.

    • Preservation of evidence by publicly appointed experts from the DMT measuring station in accordance with BImSchG
    • Operation of state-of-the-art vibration measurement systems in accordance with international standards
    • Planning, setup and operation of local seismological measurement networks
    • Safe data storage on in-house TÜV database clusters
    • Implementation of extensive early warning and alarm functions
    • Implementation of traffic light systems for project control
    • Support at information events and in setting up websites to provide transparent information to authorities and the public

    Borehole measurements

    Borehole logging in geothermal wells is challenging due to high temperatures and unique lithologies. In particular, geological fault and fracture systems of hydrothermal reservoir rocks play an important role in the planning and design of heating plant equipment. DMT has the necessary tools and expert know-how.
    Measurement equipment and services at a glance:

    • High temperature probes (up to 175°C)
    • Measurements in deep boreholes (6000 m+)
    • Probes for large borehole diameters (up to 43") 
    • Acquisition of geothermal parameters / temperature profiles
    • Acquisition of geomechanical parameters
    • Reservoir characterization 
    • Facies, structure and lithology analysis
    • Mineralogy acquisition
    • Geomechanics & stress analysis
    • Well integrity

    Plant planning and design

    DMT also provides technical expertise in plant engineering. DMT is your reliable partner right through to the commissioning of your deep geothermal heating plant.
    Plant engineering services at a glance:

    • Project management & project development
    • Concept studies
    • Grant applications
    • Approval procedures
    • Cross-trade construction and equipment planning (process, piping and steel structure, EI&C technology, concrete construction, building) across all project phases
    • Construction management for equipment erection
    • Metrology
    • Mains connection
    • Initial startup
    • Maintenance


    Over the past years, DMT has served around 60 clients in the field of geothermal energy. Many of our projects have been carried out for municipal utilities such as Stadtwerke München GmbH or Stadtwerke Schwerin GmbH. In the Vienna region, we conducted seismic exploration of a 1,500-square-kilometer area and successfully assessed it for deep geothermal use.

    DMT has also supported a number of large energy companies such as RWE, E.ON and OMV in their exploration activities. We also advise and support small companies from a wide variety of industries and trades.

    DMT is making great strides in developing geothermal energy with many partners - our references

    "We have been working with DMT in the field of geothermal exploration for almost 10 years. We appreciate not only their unquestionable professional competence, but also their often pragmatic and unbureaucratic support with interdisciplinary topics as well as their flexibility with time-critical requirements." - Dr. Robert Straubinger, Managing Director, Enex Power Germany GmbH


    "Collaboration with DMT has become established in numerous areas and has proven itself many times over, as our competencies, especially in the field of deep geothermal energy, complement each other very well. DMT is a reliable partner for whom the solution for the end customer is paramount." - Dr. R. Kahnt, Member of the Executive Board and Head of Department, G.E.O.S. Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

    QHSE Management – Safeguarding your Project

    Within DMT's QHSE management system, a committed leadership and clear distribution of roles and responsilities are supplemented by thorough evaluation and risk management. The result is a minimized risk of accidents and work-related illnesses. Furthermore, our teams are highly professional and operate in an environmentally responsible manner, thus minimizing environmental pollution and damage.

    Our QHSE management system is based on the highest international standards:

    • ISO 9001 - Quality Management
    • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
    • OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management

    Plus we follow guidelines form industry-specific bodies such as:

    • OGP - International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, London, UK and Houston, USA
    • IAGC - International Association of Geophysical Contractors, Houston, USA