Deep Geothermal Energy – Site Investigation: Borehole Measurements


Reference Project Borehole Measurements in Graben Neudorf


Borehole measurement in the deep geothermal borehole in Graben Neudorf in the Upper Rhine Rift

Geothermal projects enter their most expensive phase with the drilling of boreholes. Borehole measurements in geothermal boreholes provide important information on the lithologies in the subsurface and are also particularly challenging due to the high temperatures in the borehole. DMT has both the tools and the expert know-how for this.


A geothermal power plant is being developed in Graben Neudorf in the Upper Rhine Rift near Bruchsal, which will generate electricity and heat. DMT had the task of creating the cement bond log in the 7'' liner of the geothermal well and confirmed the successful cementation. On the basis of this data, it was possible to continue the necessary completion work. The geo-thermal power plant is expected to be completed in 2025.


Figures, data, facts

  • Measuring section 1100m at a drilled depth of 3767m
  • Maximum temperature in the borehole: 205⁰C – Germany's hottest borehole to date
  • Client: Deutsche Erdwärme GmbH
  • Realisation in spring 2023







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