Deep Geothermal Energy – Project Planning: Potential Analysis


Reference Project Mine Water Ruhr


Development of innovative and efficient heat utilisation concepts considering the mining infrastructure in the Ruhr region - In the completed first phase of the project, the potential of using geothermal energy under the given conditions for a climate-friendly energy supply was analysed.

In the "Mine Water Ruhr" project, DMT was able to prepare the integration of the previously unused mining infrastructure in the Ruhr region as a regenerative heat source.

The project proved that mine water in disused mine shafts at suitable locations can supply entire city districts with heat from a geothermal source. The aim of the project was to identify possible uses and to show practical examples that serve as multipliers for further projects. The developed concepts now make it possible to transform the theoretically identified potentials into functional and practicable heat network systems.


Figures, data, facts

  • Selection of 119 potentially usable shafts out of 7,800 documented
  • Identification of three locations with particular relevance in terms of demand and tech-nical utilisation possibilities
  • Joint project of Ruhr University Bochum, DMT, RAG Aktiengesellschaft, EPC gGmbH






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