WindSafe - Online Condition Monitoring System for Wind Turbines

WindSafe® is DMT’s machine diagnostic system specially designed for use in wind power plants. The system uses the modern components of our new XSafe online-technology for the core functions. The hardware and software is specially adapted to the requirements of wind power plants. The hardware boasts an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +65 °C, qualifying the system for use in rugged environments.

Mit WindSafe überwachter Windpark
Mit WindSafe überwachter Windpark
Mit WindSafe überwachte Windenergieanlage
Mit WindSafe überwachte Windenergieanlage

WindSafe gewährleistet eine wirtschaftliche und effiziente Online Überwachung von Windkraftanlagen und Online Überwachung von Windparks. Frühzeitig werden im Rahmen der kompletten Antriebsstrang-Überwachung mögliche Schäden erkannt und damit ungeplante Stillstände und teure Folgeschäden vermieden. In Verbindung mit weiteren unserer Dienstleistungen und Produkte leistet WindSafe® zudem einen wesentlichen Beitrag für die Windparkoptimierung.

WindSafe hat als erstes Online Condition Monitoring System die Zulassung nach den Anforderungen der Allianz (AZT) bereits in 2003 erhalten und wird von allen großen deutschen Versicherungen anerkannt.

In 2003 WindSafe was the first online condition monitoring system to achieve certification in accordance with Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) guidelines. The system is recognised by all major German insurance underwriters. 


  • Lower total system costs
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Widely applicable due to modular design

Individual Monitoring - Lifespan expansion for your turbine

WindSafe® - Condition Monitoring Index
WindSafe® - Condition Monitoring Index

Abnormalities and incipient damage are reported. … "And what next?" … this is a question many customers often have to face alone. This is precisely why we provide an Individual Monitoring Service combined with our powerful online CMS. As the technical operator, you are supported with solutions to individual issues, incl. development of recommended measures to extend the lifespan of the drive train components of your wind turbine.

Your benefit:

  • Noticeable optimization of maintenance strategy for individual wind turbines
  • Minimization of maintenance costs and continuity of operations for 15-plus wind turbines until the scheduled end of term (e.g. possible avoidance of gear box replacement)
  • Determination of cause of damage, as well as the resulting interdependencies for safe continued operation
  • Support in securing warranty claims
  • Gain extensive, valuable system knowledge and a load history from CMS for the technical operation and for expert reports on further operation and determining lifespan expectancy of 20-plus wind turbines

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