Old computers for young people: New Corporate Responsibility measure helps local community

Collecting used but functional laptops and computers and refurbishing them for school pupils who can’t afford one of their own - that's the idea behind the non-profit organisation Hey, Alter! In other words, gifting old computers to young people, in order to give them more equal opportunities. Donating our old IT equipment to this worthwhile cause is just one of many steps being implemented within DMT GROUP’s new CR Roadmap.

2 men, surrounded by computers and monitors, shake hands as one hands a laptop to the other.

Left to right: Melanie Ortkemper, Michael Manderscheid (Hey, Alter!) and Maik Tiedemann 

Michael Manderscheid, a volunteer at the Essen branch of Hey, Alter!, visited the DMT HQ to collect the first donation of laptops, desktop PCs and monitors and explained to CEO, Maik Tiedemann and Corporate Responsibility Coordinator Melanie Ortkemper more about the initiative.
Especially since the pandemic, the importance of being able to participate in e-learning or homeschooling has increased. Pupils who are unable to learn online, or only to a limited extent, maybe because a family with several children has to share one device, are at a significant disadvantage, he explained.

At 38 branches across Germany, Hey, Alter! accepts used computers from companies and private individuals, installs a new operating system and software and then donates them directly to young people or schools, who can use them for their own purposes.
To date, Hey, Alter! has distributed more than 13,500 reconditioned computers to underprivileged children – Now we’re pleased that IT equipment from DMT GROUP will also be making its way to local families.
This is one of a number of new Corporate Responsibility measures being implemented at DMT. In addition to our existing commitment through environmental audits, regular Group-wide certifications and CR reporting, we are pleased to begin rolling out our targeted CR Roadmap with three focus areas: Environment, People and the company itself.

In the first area, a major overriding goal is climate neutrality by 2030. Here initial measures are already underway, which we will be reporting on very soon.

Melanie Ortkemper, Corporate Responsibility Coordinator