Landslide risk assessment and monitoring: Georgian government contracts DMT GROUP

On August 3rd a mudslide triggered by a large landslide engulfed the resort of Shovi in Western Georgia, killing over 30 people and causing considerable damage. Many homes were rendered uninhabitable. As a result of the disaster, Georgian authorities are keen to assess the geological situation in other regions and have therefore contracted DMT to carry out geological studies and monitoring for the Duruji Valley landslide zone in East Georgia, which is deemed to also be at high risk.

Located in the Caucasus region, Georgia is mountainous and geologically very complex. For this reason, the Georgian government was looking for an international cooperation partner with a proven track-record in the field of geological assessments and monitoring of landslides.  DMT’s Business Development Manager for the region, Giorgi Obolashvili, identified the project opportunity and was able to secure the contract for DMT GROUP after talks with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and the Head of the National Environmental Agency.

Tasks will include the review of existing data sets for the region, geological assessments of the landslide zone and the development and implementation of a comprehensive geo-monitoring concept using our in-house developed IoT monitoring tool , DMT Safeguard.

For more information, please contact:

Karsten Zimmermann