Investing in our planet – and our staff: Even the smaller things count

In the face of global warming and climate change, it's becoming increasingly clear that investing in sustainability is a necessity. DMT is working on numerous cornerstones to further develop sustainability for both ourselves and on behalf of our clients. In this context, DMT's Birthday Initiative for Earth Day takes root and blossoms.

A man and a woman in a large garden holding a potted sapling

In support of last year’s Earth Day, DMT in India launched an initiative to gift each employee a sapling for their birthday, for them to nurture and enjoy. DMT's 'Unbe-leaf-able' birthday initiative has set a great example of how companies can make a positive impact on the environment and their employees. Now to mark Earth Day 2023 (22 April), with the motto “Invest in our planet”, we’re pleased to share some images from the first year of the scheme and report that the plants are thriving under the care and nurture of the team in India.

“This initiative can serve as a simple and efficient model for other companies looking to invest in sustainability and employee well-being. By taking such easy steps, companies can increase the environmental consciousness of their employees, improve reputation, enhance client and employee loyalty, and attract talents,” said Indian Director Pankaj Sinha.

“Such initiatives lead to a sense of community and belonging among employees, as they come together to nurture the plants and watch them grow. This sense of responsibility towards the environment can permeate throughout the workplace culture and lead to more sustainable awareness,” added DMT's Corporate Responsibility Coordinator Melanie Ortkemper.

The success of this initiative shows that small actions can make a big difference. It's time for companies to take proactive steps to address the effects of global warming. Let's work together towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.