Field augmented reality in mineral exploration - present, discuss and edit geological models anywhere, anytime with FARMIN

Replacing paper in the field by using Microsoft Hololens to visualise geo-data for mapping, interpretation or analysis - that's the goal of the FARMIN (Field Augmented Reality in Mineral Exploration) project. Using cloud computing and mixed reality, the FARMIN solution will improve geological modeling workflows and help experts conduct 3D modelling dynamically and in real-time collaboration, on any device.

This solution will bring a host of benefits, including:

  • Improved decision-making based on validated geological exploration data
  • Easy sharing of data and greater insight for stakeholders
  • Significant cost and time savings e.g. through better staff distribution and higher field efficiency
  • Decreased operational risk and hazards through improved quality control
  • More accurate exploration leading, for example, to optimised drilling and thus further cost reduction

Watch to find out more:
The project, funded by EIT RawMaterials, has been running since 2020 under the lead of Luleå University of Technology and together with consortium partners RWTH Aachen University, Terranigma Solutions GmbH, LTU Business, Boliden, MATSA and Robotic Eyes. DMT supports the development by contributing exploration and mining know-how to potential application scenarios and, technically, by providing datasets for implementation and visualization in MS Hololens.
The solution will also be applicable in fields such as quality controlled mining, e.g. to visualise metal grades along a mining bench, or ground related construction work, such as dams or tunnels.