DMT GROUP CEO talks mining with Mongolian Ministers

DMT GROUP CEO Maik Tiedemann met with the Mongolian Prime Minister, Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene, and Minister for Economy and Development, Khurelbaatar Chimed, in Berlin last week to discuss opportunities in the country’s mining sector.

The invitation to the audience with the Prime Minister at Berlin’s Hotel Adlon came through the Mongolian Embassy, with which DMT and TÜV NORD GROUP have built a good relationship in recent years. The ministers were therefore interested in learning more about DMT’s reference projects around the world and about existing and planned activities in Mongolia, particularly in the fields of environmentally friendly extraction of raw materials, resource-saving and optimized processes for the extraction of coal, copper and iron ore, as well as innovative technologies in the mining of rare earths.
On Friday the Mongolian Prime Minister was also received by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the Chancellor's Office, where cooperation in the raw materials sector was a focal point of the talks. Germany is currently trying to free itself from raw material supplies from Russia and is therefore seeking agreements with other countries rich in raw materials. Scholz said in a press statement after the meeting that he sees Mongolia as an "important partner" for the diversification of raw material supplies.