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Current presentations by our experts:

The new DMT SAFEGUARD low-cost GNSS measuring system and its application in the field of geotechnical deformation and movement monitoring

by Daniel Schroder M.Sc.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU 2017), 23 - 28 Apr. 2017, Vienna, Austria, Session: SM5.2 New developments in seismic and geodetic instrumentation

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Preventing unplanned shutdowns of by-product plant equipment – Condition based maintenance

by Dr Frank Sowa

AISTech (Association for Iron & Steel Technology Conference), 8 - 11 May 2017, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Repository 4.0: Opportunities of process automation

by Dr Daniela Gutberlet and Dr Frank Charlier (RWTH Aachen)

Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology, 17 May 2017, Berlin, Germany

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SUMMIT X ONE, the lightweight, flexible seismic data acquisition system for active seismic and continuous recording

by Wolfram Gödde

AGES/SEG/EAGE Congress & Technical Exhibition, 24 - 26 May 2017, Belgrade, Serbia

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Phosphogypsum as source of REE and NORM

by Michael Haschke (DMT), co authors: B. Friedrich, S. Stopic, D. Panias, P. Schneider, C. Dittrich, G. Modolo

ERES 2017 Conference on European Rare Earth Resources, Session V A, 30 May 2017, Santorini, Greece

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Assessment of mineral potential and target generation, Guinea, West Africa

by Ernst Bernhard Teigler

AIMS, 2nd International Conference "Mining in Europe", 7 - 8 June 2017, Aachen, Germany

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Site investigation for an underground coal gasification test in lignite - an example from Romania

by Stephan Peters

AIMS, 2nd International Conference "Mining in Europe", 7 - 8 June 2017, Aachen, Germany

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Potential of Ukrainian coal mines

by Ulrich Ruppel (DMT Consulting GmbH)

D.TAK International Conference "Trends and Prospects of Coal Production and Usage in Ukraine and Globally", 14 June 2017, Kiev, Ukraine


Mine closure and remediation of former mine territories: experiences in different types of deposits

by Michael Loos and Peter Lux

4th Symposium of the Sardinian Mining Association (AMS), 23 - 24 June 2017, Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy

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Integration of solid matter coupled contamination transport into the 3D reactive transport boxmodel by the example of PCB in German coal mining

by Dr Christoph Klinger, co-authors: Dr Michael Eckart and Joachim Löchte

IMWA 13th International Mine Water Association Congress, 25 - 30 June, Finland

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