Building Safety Engineering

The aim of our vast building safety services is to improve the overall safety and efficiency of your buildings and the systems and products you operate within them. Our highly qualified engineers, technicians and expert witnesses perform all manner of testing, assessment and evaluation of industrial systems and facilities e.g. in relation to fire protection, explosion protection, air and water hygiene, refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, dedusting and filtering technology. 
Naturally our engineering services adhere to all technical and legal regulations, however, we also place great importance on maintaining the standards agreed with contractors without losing sight of cost-efficiency.

Fire and Explosion Protection

Conducting a fire test at the DMT facilities in Dortmund
Conducting a fire test at the DMT facilities in Dortmund

Fire and explosion protection is extremely significant nowadays regarding personal safety, interruptions to business operations as well as the protection of material assets. Architects, building developers and plant operators are often faced with such vast and seemingly unmanageable guidelines and statutory requirements on this subject.

We also conduct fire testing for the following areas:

  • Mining
  • Bulk materials and building components
  • Shipping
  • Rail vehicles
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Textiles, furniture and interior furnishings

Furthermore DMT provides services relating to the safety of tunnels in almost all sectors: road, rail, public transport and tunnel building, as well as in other underground installations. We work in close cooperation with planners, operators and representatives from the emergency services (police and fire brigade) to provide the optimum result in every case.

Moreover, careful attention must often be paid to any specific demands from the property insurer concerning the industry sector.

Our experts in fire and explosion protection, specialists in process, structural, and chemical engineering, machine and safety technology, work hand in hand with you, tailoring holistic fire and explosion protection concepts to your needs based on the latest methods and technology. The advantage we have gained from decades of experience in mining and plant safety is also put to use in meeting the fire safety demands of special structures, fighting fires at refuse sites and slag heaps or in post-fire investigations for example.

Air and Water Hygiene

DMT's laboratories offer specialist testing possibilities, some of which are unique in Germany. Here we not only examine drinking water and air samples, but also apply our expertise to testing and developing filter technology, for example to determine the air hygiene qualities of household appliances.

Take advantage of our comprehensive services:

  • at the DMT Test Laboratory for Biological Product Safety
  • at our technical center for filter tests and certification
  • at our laboratory for test dusts
  • and at the DMT Testing Body for Refrigerating, Heating & Air Conditioning Engineering
Laboratory for air hygiene
Laboratory for air hygiene
Water quality testing
Water quality testing

Refrigeration, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Technology

Within our broad range of competences, we also perform product assessments for industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. We test the following, either using our own specialist facilities or at external test sites:

  • Refrigerating machines
  • Heat pumps
  • Air coolers
  • Liquefiers
  • Recooling plants
  • Heat exchangers working with air / liquid and liquid / liquid
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Other air conditioning equipment that functions with air, water or refrigerants

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