Mining Consulting

Our mine planning expertise draws on the extensive experience of DMT's mining engineers, who have worked in surface and underground mining operations throughout the world and now provide on-site support to mine operators worldwide. Our detailed design services, production and equipment scheduling, and operations benchmarking performance reviews  focus on maximising return on investment, either from existing operations or new projects. DMT's comprehensive mining consulting takes full account of all safety, quality, geotechnical, hydrogeological, economic, socio-economic and environmental considerations.

Our mining consultants are skilled in the application of software planning tools including SURPAC®, Minex®, Datamine®, MineSight®, and VULCAN® and can therefore develop practical and flexible planning solutions to address any phase of a mining project.

Shearer Loader in a Coal Longwall
Shearer Loader in a Coal Longwall
Underground Roadway Development
Underground Roadway Development

Specifically, we provide sound, independent mining consulting in the following areas:

  • Reserve estimation
  • Mining method selection
  • Mine layout and basic mine design
  • Equipment selection
  • Water management
  • Backfilling
  • Mine Ventilation and climatisation
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation planning

Based on our extensive international experience across a range of minerals, we provide independent technical advice to banks and other lenders or potential investors, and help developers select the optimum mining method for their project by identifying and weighing up all engineering, operating, economic and environmental factors.

Once the optimum mining horizon has been determined, the selection of mine layout and basic mine design is the most significant factor in determining return on investment, controlling operating costs and maximising mineral recovery. DMT has the skills and experience to ensure that mine layout and design address all relevant factors such as safety, product quality, haulage, transport, ventilation and crushing and storage requirements. We ensure the selection of the most suitable and state of the art equipment for the customer’s specific deposit and mining method.

We have considerable experience in the application of hydrogeological, engineering and environmental management principles and practices in relation to dewatering and mine water management, which are essential aspects of many mine and quarry operations.

Blasthole drilling in an iron ore open pit mine
Blasthole drilling in an iron ore open pit mine
Open pit truck haulage in South America
Open pit truck haulage in South America

DMT mining consultants - knowledge and experience you can rely on

Our mining consultants  offer support in issues concerning degassing, ventilation and metrological monitoring. Having over 100 years of experience in degassing, DMT is called upon to advise authorities on questions of safety in this field e.g. how to deal with dangerous gases.

DMT’s mining experts also advise clients on the backfilling of material to improve the stability of mine structures, avoid subsidence, manage environmental liabilities and overcome shortages of suitable space on the surface. We provide services covering all aspects of backfilling techniques tailored to meet individual site requirements.

DMT's approach is to consider closure and rehabilitation issues from the very start of the development process and to factor them into every stage of the mining project life cycle. We work with our clients to apply an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to cover all potential legacy matters. We have knowledge and expertise to offer practical and effective mitigation and management strategies for mine closure, site rehabilitation and future use planning.