Publications 2016

  • Latest developments for practice in shaft inspection – Proceedings of XVI International Congress for Mine Surveying, Brisbane Australia September 2016
    Benecke, N., Hancock, P., Weber, W.

  • Coupled reactive Mass Transport for the East Rand Basin – IMWA 2016 Annual Conference, Leipzig, Germany, July 2016
    Dr. Michael Eckart

  • Coal Mining in Turkey – Mining Report 152 (1/2016)
    Hartlieb, P. v., Ruppel, U., Wagner, D.

Publications 2015

  • Blötberget Iron Ore Project – From Resource and Mining History to Present. – GeoBerlin 2015 "DYNAMIC EARTH – from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond"; Abstracts, 10/2015, p. 244
    Lowicki, F., Horner, T.

  • Coal Fires of the Jharia Coal Field/India – A national disaster endangered the Indian Coking Coal Production and the development of the most important natural resource of India – GeoBerlin 2015 "DYNAMIC EARTH – from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond"; Abstracts, 10/2015, p. 154-155
    Gielisch, H.

  • Interdisciplinary studies on the technical and economic feasibility of deep underground coal gasification with CO2 storage in Bulgaria – Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 2015, DOI 10.1007/s11027-014-9592-1
    Yong Sheng, Aleksey Benderev, Donka Bukolska, Kenneth Imo-Imo Eshiet, Carlos Dinis da Gama, Torsten Gorka, Michael Green, et al.

  • Geological parameters for successful shale gas plays – why is testing so crucial? – GeoBerlin 2015 "DYNAMIC EARTH – from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond"; Abstracts, 10/2015, p. 158-159
    Torsten Gorka, Ernst Bernhard Teigler, Stephan Peters

  • Deviation from the logging norm - GeoDrilling International, Sept. 2015, pp. 24-25
    Torsten Gorka, Ivo Kerosevic

  • Innovative approach for monitoring and inspection of deep mine shafts – Conference transcript 13. BergbauForum, Kassel, June 2015
    Norbert Benecke, Sergey Reznichenki, Martin Weber, Dr. Borys Vorobyov

  • Minimizing Impact While Maximizing Returns: Mine fill Services and Tailings Disposal of high concentrated slurry – Conference transcript  13. BergbauForum, Kassel, June 2015
    Muhammed Danish

  • Reliable ventilation modelling – Merging geotechnical assessment and ventilation planning - World Coal May 2015 Volume 24 Nr. 5. Palladian Publications/ UK
    Imgrund, T., Studeny, A. and Zitzer, A.
  • Directional drilling – a new technology to improve the efficiency of preliminary degassing at Russian coal mines - Mining Report 5 (2015) Number 1. VGE Essen/ Germany
    Imgrund, T. and Shalashinski, A.
  • Exploration, Initial Mine Planning and Reserve Estimation of the Hanönü Copper Deposit In Northern Turkey –  Martens, P.N. (Editor): Mineral Resources and Mine Development, AIMS Volume 14, 622 p.[ISBN 978-3-941277-22-9], (2015)
    S. Peters, T. Gorka, I. Keroševic, F. Lowicki & P. Mittelstädt, D. Wagner

  • New Technologies in Underground Projects: Drill Core Scanning, Documentation and Analysis – "Shotcrete for Underground Support XII" by Professor Ming Lu, Nanyang Technological University Dr. Oskar Sigl, Geoconsult Asia Singapore PTE Ltd. Dr. GuoJun Li, Singapore Metro Consulting Eds, ECI Symposium Series 2015, ISBN: 978-0-939204-58-8
    Wiegand, J.

Publications 2014

  • Introducing international best practice of mine safety - Paper presented to International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health and Safety in Mines 2014, Istanbul/ Turkey, December 4 – 5
    Imgrund, T. 
  • Using expensive machinery effectively - Reducing mine methane influence on production rates - Paper presented to MINEX 2014, Moscow/ Russia, October 14
    Imgrund, T.

  • Into the Deep – a new approach for monitoring deep coal mine shafts – World Coal, April 2014, p. 89 - 92
    Norbert Benecke, Martin Weber

  • Semi-automated Gas Turbine Inlet Filter testing according ARAMCO standard or for performance optimization – F&S International Edition, No. 14/2014, p. 85 - 88
    D. Renschen, J. Schamberg, N. Guttenbrunner, N. Schneider
  • Investigation of Different Equipment Setups for Ammonia Wash and Desulfurization – Iron & Steel Technology, March 2014, p. 58 - 69
    Frank Sowa,  Michael Wolf
  • Development of a techno-economic model for dynamic calculation of cost of electricity, energy demand and CO2 emissions of an integrated UCG–CCS process – Energy (online), February 2014
    Natalie Nakaten, Ralph Schlüter, Rafig Azzam, Thomas Kempka

Publications 2013

  • Relaxation and gas drainage boreholes for high performance longwall operations in low permeability coal seams - Paper presented to International Scientific and Practical Conference Underground Mining - 21th Century 2013, Leninsk Kuzneski/ Russia, October 16 – 18
    Imgrund, T.
  • International experience on influence of strata control on gas emission control - Paper presented to International ISM Congress 2013, University of Aachen/ Germany, September 16 – 20
    Imgrund, T., Te Kook, J. and Studeny, A. 
  • Underground pumped storage hydropower - Main aspects for the construction of pump storage concepts using existing coal mining infrastructures – XV International ISM Congress, Aachen, September 2013
    Walter Eilert, M. K. Koch, Jens-Peter  Lux, Prof. Dr. Andrè Niemann, Prof. Dr. Eugen Perau, U. Schreiber
  • Emissions at Coke Plants: European Environmental Regulations and Measures for Emission Control – Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, July 2013  
    Erwin Pilarczyk, Frank Sowa, Manfred Kaiser, Wolfgang Kern
  • Positionierung des Kokereianlagenbaus im Marktfeld
    (Position of the coke plant engineering and constraction business in the market environment) –
    stahl und eisen, 06/2013, p. 62-71
    Thomas Hansmann, Paul Wurth, Manfred Kaiser, Martin Reinke, Rainer Worberg
  • Seeing in seismic World Coal, May 2013, p. 56-62
    Volker Schäpe, Wolfgang Schott
  • Sharing best practice – Review of international best practice for gas management - World Coal May 2013 Volume 22 Number 05. Palladian Publications/ UK
    Imgrund, T.
  • Relaxation and gas drainage boreholes for high performance longwall operations in low permeability coal seams - Paper presented to AIMS Aachen International Mining Symposia 2013, University of Aachen/ Germany, May 22 – 23
    Imgrund, T. and Bauer, F.
  • Modern Practise in Methane Management - Paper presented to Mining World Russia 2013, Moscow/ Russia, May 14
    Imgrund, T. and Shalashinski, A.
  • International experience of gas emission and gas outburst prevention in underground coal mines - Paper presented to Coal Operators Conference 2013, University of Wollongong/ Australia, February 14 – 15
    Imgrund, T. and Thomas, R.
  • Age and palaeoenvironment of the enigmatic Arternian Interglacial - evidence from the Muschelton at Voigtstedt/Hackelsberg (Thuringia, Central Germany). - Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology - 2013, 
    Maul, L. C., Stebich, M., Frenzel, P., Hambach, U., Henkel, T., Katzschmann, L., Kienast, F., Meng, S., Penkman, K., Rolf, C., Thomas, M. & Kahlke, R.-D.

Publications 2012

  • Gas outburst prevention – International experience - Paper presented to 2nd International Research and Practice Conference, Problems regarding methane in coal mines and ways of their solution, Karaganda/ Kazakhstan, 2012 June 26 – 27
    Imgrund, T.

Publications 2011

  • Pre-drainage of Deep Coal Seams - Paper presented to UNECE Workshop on Coal Mine Methane Recovery and Utilization, Donetsk/ Ukraine, 2011 September 21 – 22
    Kunz, E. and Imgrund, T.

  • Challenges of Exploring a New Resource and Seismic Explications – 13. Aachener Bergschadenkundliches Kolloquium (ABK) 2011, GDMB-Journal No. 126  
    Eiko Räkers, Ralf Schlüter
  • New Developments in Survey Instruments and Methods for Underground Mining Purposes – Markscheidewesen 118 (2011)
    Eiko Räkers, Norbert Benecke
  • Flow- and Heat-Transport-Simulation with an optimized discretization of the geological structure model – IMWA Aachen 2011, p. 9-12
    Michael Eckart, Holger Kories, Peter Rüterkamp, Viktoria Kaul, Curd Bems
  • Utilisation of the energy-independent underground gasification/urea process for carbamide production - Mining Reporter, 02/2011, p. 38-43 
    Natalie Nakaten, Thomas Kempka, Ralph Schlüter, Jörg Hamann, Rafiqul Islam and Rafig Azzam
  • Rock mechanical analysis of aMl = 4.0 seismic event induced by
    mining in the Saar District, Germany -
    Geophysical Journal International (April 2011)
    Michael Alber, Ralf Fritschen
  • Converting coal mine methane into energy - Power Today, April 11, p. 36-38
    Gerhard Hölscher, Heribert Meiners
  • Carbon Dioxide Sorption Capacities of Coal Gasification Residues – Environmental Science & Technology, 06.01.2011 (web)
    Thomas Kempka, Tomás Fernández-Stegger, Dong-Yong Li, Marc Schulten, Ralph Schlüter, Bernhard M. Krooss
  • 3D seismic survey for geothermal exploration at Unterhaching, Munich, Germany – first break, 29.01.2011, p.45-54
    Ewald Lüschen, Michael Dussel, Rüdiger Thomas and Rüdiger Schulz

Publications 2010

  • Salt Dome Exploration by Directional Borehole Radar Wireline Service – 13. International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar (2010), Lecce, Italy  
    Klaus Siever, Rolf Elsen 
  • Coal Mining Induced Seismicity in the Ruhr Area, Germany – Pure and Applied Geophysics, Vol. 167, No. 1-2, February 2010, p. 63-75 
    Monika Bischoff, Alpan Cete, Ralf Fritschen and Thomas Meier
  • Exploration of Tunnel Alignment using Geophysical Methods to Increase Safety for Planning and Minimizing Risk –  Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Vol. 43 (2010), No. 1, S. 105-116 
    Bodo Lehmann, Dirk Orlowsky, Rüdiger Misiek
  • Numerical modelling: A universal tool for rock mechanical mine layout and underground workings design – Proceedings 3rd Asian Mining Congress 2010, p.  331-340 
    Ulrich Ruppel, Axel Studeny, Juergen te Kook
  • Integrated Fire and Explosion Safety Concepts – Fact or Fiction Conference Proceeding – International Safety Congress on Explosion Protection 2010  
    Johannes Lottermann