Geology, Resource and Exploration

DMT’s exploration and surveying services provide the essential baseline data our clients need ahead of crucial investment decisions on mineral exploitation projects.

Drawing on decades of international experience across a wide range of environments and commodities, including coal, base metals, precious metals, REE and industrial minerals, we design, manage and deliver exploration and surveying programmes to generate data of the quality, consistency and reliability demanded by international reporting codes.

We provide the following exploration and surveying services to clients all over the world:

  • Exploration planning & supervision
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Hydrogeological investigation

Our data interpretation services ensure that the information collected through our exploration and surveying activities is converted into the accurate mineral reserve and resource calculations required for investment decisions.  We operate to internationally recognised standards, such as the JORC Code, NI 43-101 and the USGS Resource Classification Programme, and our studies are underwritten by Qualified Persons from internationally recognised institutes including IMMM, SAMREC, AGEPPA and EGF.

Independent data validation is the key to ensuring that information used for geological modelling, resource estimation and reserves calculation is consistent, plausible, secure, relevant and, above all, compliant with appropriate international standards.

Our highly skilled geologists use geological modeling to generate 2-D and 3-D computerised visualisations of subsurface formations based on geological and assay data collected from geological exploration. These models, showing both the quantity and distribution of the natural resource of interest, provide investors, mine owners and operators with the information they need to establish robust and auditable geological and mineral resource models of their deposits. This solid foundation allows sound decisions to be made concerning resource estimation, reserve evaluation, mine planning and project financial evaluation.

Our geologists are skilled in the application of all the industry-standard software systems for geological and block modeling, including SURPAC®, Minex®, Datamine®, MineSight®, AutoCAD®, VULCAN®, Whittle® and PETREL®.

Further on in the development process, we can determine the minable, economic or sub-economic reserves (proven and probable) by attributing the appropriate basic extraction methods and mineral cut-off values based on mine planning and (pre-) feasibility assessment.

We conduct Mineral Expert Reports (MER) a technical part of the Initial Public Offering documentation required for the flotation of an exploration or mining company on world-wide stock exchanges. These MERs have to be signed off by Qualified or Competent Persons, who we are able to provide across various exploration and mineral topics.

We are specialized in

Geothermal Exploration

The use of naturally generated heat from the earth is a promising technology for reducing climate-changing emissions resulting from energy production. DMT provides planning and supervision of geological, geophysical and seismic exploration in order to locate and analyse potentially exploitable geothermal sources capable of being captured by various techniques. With over 10 years’ experience in this field we offer services to reduce drilling risk and improve productivity in geothermal exploration activities.

  • Geological investigations and exploration planning
  • 3-D visualization and analysis of geological and geophysical data
  • Interpretation of seismic surveys and geological modelling
  • Scanning of drill cores and structural geology investigations
  • Geophysical borehole surveys
  • Analysis of reservoir characteristics
  • Heat flow modelling
  • Spatial spreading of geothermal parameters
  • Integration and 3-D visualization of planned bore holes

Coal Bed Methane and Coal Mine Methane

Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Coal Mine Methane (CMM) can cause spontaneous combustion and coal seam fires, however, the methane also has economic potential when extracted and utilised as a clean burning fuel.  With our roots in the British and German Coal mining industry and working on more than 15 coal-related international projects a year, we have broad experience in all matters of handling CBM and CMM and can advise on both the safe management of the methane gas and its commercial exploitation, working with mine operators, investors, energy suppliers and emissions traders.

Carbon Capture and Storage

One approach to mitigating climate change by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases is carbon capture and storage (CCS). We provide exploration services and analysis of suitable geological structures for storage of CO2 or other gasses, geological modelling of these structures and planning measures to avoid carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.

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