MineSafe - online condition monitoring system for the mining and processing industry

MineSafe® is DMT’s machine diagnostic system specifically designed for use in mining. The system uses the modern components of our new XSafe technology for its core functions. These are based on the established structure-borne sound measurement technique, used for early detection of damage or defects. If required, these functions can be complemented by integrating further measures such as temperature, pressure or rotational speed.

The robust design of the system is specially designed to withstand the severe wear and tear of the mining industry and therefore offers guaranteed reliability even when used on large-scale excavation equipment underground (explosion protection). The system is also invaluable in the field of infrastructure, where it can monitor the condition of e.g. conveyor belt systems or water pumps.

Potential damage is detected at an early stage within the scope of our machine and plant monitoring, thus avoiding unplanned downtimes and expensive consequential damage. With the help of modern and secure web and communication technologies, the data is available to the maintenance or service personnel at any time.

For a clear overview, the status of the entire system is aggregated from the individual statuses of all monitored components. The system status is then condensed to the Condition Monitoring Index "CMI" which, in conjunction with trending, provides a reliable and large lead time for necessary component changes, thus making a significant contribution to the economic and efficient planning of your repairs and preventive maintenance.

Control-integrated CMS

The MineSafe® online condition monitoring system can also be implemented as a customer-specific, control-integrated CMS and is currently already available as such on Caterpillar's automation platform. Through connection to TwinCAT PLC, it is possible to ensure the safety of machine monitoring without an additional measuring device.


  • Extremely robust online machine diagnostics system, specially developed for mining machines, transport systems, drives and pumps
  • Can be integrated into existing control systems
  • Wide range of applications due to modular design
  • Optional training and service by experts with many years of cross-industry experience in machine diagnostics

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