CoreScan: Protocols of boreholes at high-tech quality level

With our CoreScan system you create a reliable system for structuring and evaluating your drill cores for construction, repository and exploration projects, save costs and manage data efficiently. Our scanner provides you with high-resolution images of your drill core in a unique 360 degree processing. The subsequent digital processing of the data ensures you the best and fastest results from your costly drillings.

Instead of laboriously evaluating information on paper, you structure and archive the data from your core drillings digitally and efficiently in our CoreBase software. With the help of our Core Analysis software, you receive precise analyses and evaluations of your drill cores in 3D, which provide detailed information about rock strata and the storage conditions. All digital information from the software can be accessed at any time from anywhere in the world, saving you the need to re-analyse already weathered drill cores. 


Typical applications of the CoreScan system include complex projects in the field of deposit exploration or preservation of evidence for final repositories. In oil and gas exploration, our system offers the CoreScan UV as an additional tool for analyzing the distribution of mineral oil or fluorescent minerals such as scheelite. Further fields of application for the CoreScan system are geotechnical investigations for infrastructure projects such as rail and road routes or in construction planning. We offer our CoreScan system for sale with product training - or our interdisciplinary teams of experts can carry out the work for you on site. 

DMT: Many years of expertise guarantee your project success 

Acquisition, evaluation and storage of drill core images with high quality standards: Our experts have many years of experience in mining and in the exploration of deposits through geotechnical and scientific drilling. We offer you individual and cost-effective solutions for your projects. More security in planning provides a greater chance of successful completion of your project. If you have any questions about the CoreScan system, we are happy to assist you.  Please click here for more information on:

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