Tower Vibration Sensors KS22-U and KS22-I for Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are exposed to high strains such as vibrations. To avoid damage and expensive downtime, these vibrations must be safely monitored. Moreover, tower vibration monitoring is a requirement of policies such as the GL2010.

Exact information about the actual vibrations occurring also offers a good basis to optimize calculation methods for the construction of towers as regards the eigenfrequency and requirements thereof.

The compact sensors KS22-U and KS22-I measure the tower vibrations in two dimensions with a measuring range of ± 5 g and transmit the measured value as 5 ± 3 V or 4 ... 20 mA to the control system. Therefore the system can be shut down safely after exceedance of default limits. The sensors are also ideal for use in combination with WindSafe®, DMT’s Condition Monitoring System for wind turbines, and can also be integrated into existing safety systems.

A robust and reliable sensor system is particularly important, especially in harsh environments. The tower vibration sensors of DMT provide the necessary features: robust housing, high protection class IP66 and a wide temperature range of -40°C to + 65°C. 

Vibration of a Wind Turbine Tower
Vibration of a Wind Turbine Tower

Our tower vibration sensors are available as standard products as well as customized versions.

The sensor measures the vibrations of the wind turbine tower. The purpose of the measurement is to monitor and record the operating conditions.

The KS22-I / KS22-U which are integrated into the control system or into the Condition Monitoring System WindSafe® signals:

  • Tower vibrations
  • Blade resonances
  • Imbalances
  • Overstressing

Measured-value aquisition:

  • 2 axes (x,y) simultaneously
  • Vibration acceleration
  • Analog output: mA / V

The tower vibration sensor is used for the continuous detection of vibrations of the wind turbine tower during operation. Connected to the control system, it contributes to the safe operation of the wind turbine.

Tower vibration measurements

The measurement data recorded and stored can also be used to evaluate the load history of wind turbines. This data makes it possible to make more precise statements about the total service life of the turbine. In addition, the lifetime prognosis made by our experts is therefore based on real fatigue loads rather than estimates. This increased accuracy leads to lower safety margins in terms of end of warranty. Combined with other services and products, tower vibration measurement also makes a significant contribution to wind farm optimisation.

Advantages for wind turbine operators:

  • Utilization of load reserves on the basis of valid statements for further operation
  • Potential for extending remaining service life
  • Reduction of specific operational and maintenance costs

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