PlantSafe - Online Condition Monitoring System for Industrial Plants and Rotating Equipment

PlantSafe® is DMT’s machine diagnostic system specially designed for use in industrial plants with a great number of monitored components. The system uses the modern components of our new XSafe technology. Values are measured applying the newly developed data acquisition instrument Noise Grabber, which is equipped with modern digital signal processors and is specially tailored to the needs of machine diagnostics. 

The modular Noise Grabber system is scalable in units of 8 channels each and is installed in 19" industrial racks. Each rack can be used to read up to 32 channels for measuring impact sound/vibrations at 25.6 kHz. In addition, up to 16 channels are available for recording operating data. The measuring equipment is fitted in standard instrument cabinets generally used in industry.

PlantSafe® - Online Condition Monitoring System for pumps
PlantSafe® - pumps

For communicating within the industrial plants standard network technologies are used.

The machine diagnostic system PlantSafe® is employed in various industrial sectors. The software interface is specially adapted to the requirements of the industry in which it is to be used.

  • petrochemical industry
  • power plant
  • metal production: rolling mills in the steel and aluminium industry (components that are monitored include winder motors, forming units, roll stands)
  • and more

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