DMT Safeguard - Monitoring Platform & Services

15 December 2020 (Webinar)

Free webinars on the online integrity monitoring platform DMT SAFEGUARD.

English language sessions:
Tuesday 15th December 11:00 CET

German language sessions:
Tuesday 15th December 14:00 CET

Tunnels, bridges, excavations - each field and project has distinct impact on the environment and safety. For the success and acceptance, monitoring critical factors while meeting all specific requirements is crucial.

We focus on your needs- with an extensive range of services based on our individually scalable DMT SAFEGUARD monitoring platform, we offer support in important areas: planning, project management, sensor- and measuring cycle control, data transmission, processing, analysis and evaluation, result visualization as well as alerts and alarms. We supply all components as a one-stop-service.

DMT SAFEGUARD is a software as a service platform and open to support your individual monitoring project ( To learn more we kindly invite you to join our series of webinars.


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