9th Expert Talk on Final Repositories

8 September 2021

Please note this a GERMAN LANGUAGE event!

9th Essen Expert Talk on Final Repositories
8 September 2021
Location: Am TÜV 1, Essen - or digitally
(the event will be streamed live and free of charge via the Plazz.net event platform).

Would you like to find out about exciting projects and ongoing developments? Do you like to exchange experiences and information on the topic of repository mining with decision-makers and experts?

DMT GmbH & Co. KG offers you exactly this platform. Interesting projects will be presented to you in specialist lectures, followed by a light snack and the opportunity for networking and specialist discussions.  

The publication of the "sub-areas" in mid-2020 is another important step for the site selection for a repository for high-level radioactive waste in Germany. After the surface exploration has been completed, in a few years the underground exploration of only three potential repository sites will take place. The latest findings for processing and analysing seismic data to develop an improved geological subsurface model are already benefitting the work at the Asse II mine.

The construction of the Konrad repository continues steadily. Here, too, the safe containment of radioactive waste is supported by the erection of technical barriers, and the facilities for this are being individually planned and built. A look at Great Britain shows us what progress has been made in the rehabilitation of the Dounreay repository site.

Maintaining and expanding competences - in this spirit, we are very pleased to invite you again to our annual exchange of information and experience at the 9th Essen Expert Meeting on Repository Mining.

This long-running event gives an insight into interesting projects and the latest developments in the sector, combined with the opportunity for networking and professional discussions.

Further details and the program can be found in the event flyer (German language).

Participation (live in Essen or digitally) is free of charge

For more information please contact sahra.popaldmt-group.LÖSCHEN.com 

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