This 3-in-1 system for precise positioning, navigation and 3D-documentation was developed in collaboration with the German Aerospace Centre. The innovative technology, which was originally developed for the Mars missions, is now being applied in the mining, shipbuilding and civil engineering industries, as well as forestry and seismics.

DMT Pilot3D is a non-satellite based system which offers optimal solutions for enclosed environments such as underground facilities, ship hulls and buildings, where GNSS navigation is not possible. This mobile handheld device is extremely small and light, making it ideal for confined or hard-to-reach spaces.


  • Multi-sensor technology
  • Integrated inertial measurement unit and stereographic cameras
  • Operation even in very dark areas
  • Precise and real time egomotion
  • High quality 3D point cloud documentation
  • High resolution colour imaging


  • Indoor route tracking
  • Georeferenced 3D documentation
  • Infrastructure and maritime inspection

The easy handling and speed of the system bring huge time saving benefits compared to conventional geo-measuring devices.

DMT PILOT 3D for underground surveying
DMT PILOT 3D is a GNSS-independent system for applications such as underground surveying
DMT PILOT 3D mobile 3D surveying and inspection system
The mobile 3D surveying and inspection system DMT PILOT 3D is ideal for all hard-to-reach spaces

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