Logging deviated boreholes with the DMT BoreholeShuttle

The DMT BoreholeShuttle is a cable-less geophysical logging system for horizontal and deviated boreholes, which comprises sensors for various logging tasks such as optical imaging, ultrasonic ranging, gamma and orientation. The DMT BoreholeShuttle is self-contained, battery-powered and has a large internal memory for data storage. Hence there is no need for a cable, making it ideal especially for all non vertical logging tasks and even upward logging in underground wells.

It uses the inner core barrel of the drill rig as a carrier to the logging position behind the drill bit and logs data while the drill pipe is retracted. Only the necessary sensory parts protrude from the drill bit, while main parts are still protected in the drill pipe, hence making the DMT BoreholeShuttle ideal for logging of unstable boreholes.

Various configurations e.g. natural Gamma, pure orientation, optical Dip or Gamma-Gamma with integrated orientation are available off the shelf. Special configurations and adaptations can be made according to customer demands. Flameproof versions of optical Dip, Gamma and orientation are available for underground usage. For drill rigs without depth measuring, the flameproof odometer ROPEX is available.


DMT BoreholeShuttle
DMT BoreholeShuttle - Preparation and Sensor Check
  • The otherwise unproductive time needed for removing the pipe string is used to carry out low-cost surveys.
  • It is safe to run the tool into a hole deviated at any angle and even into instable regions.
  • Risk of losing a tool is very small as the biggest part of the tool remains in the drill pipe.
  • Flushing can be performed during the survey.
  • Surveying hardly interrupts the drilling progress because it is necessary to remove only a length of drill pipe that corresponds to the surveying length.
  • The rigidity of the pipe string compared to that of a borehole cable is ideal for carrying out high resolution surveys.

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