DMT and the German Aerospace Centre DLR launch innovative inspection and surveying tool

Multi-sensor aerospace technology for positioning, navigation and 3D documentation in real time.

On 6th September 2016 DMT and DLR are presenting their newly developed, innovative and GNSS-independent measuring system DMT Pilot 3D at Hamburg's shipping fair SMM.

DMT PILOT 3D: Mobile 3D surveying and inspection system

The mobile 3D surveying and inspection system DMT PILOT 3D is ideal for all hard-to-reach spaces

DMT PILOT 3D in underground surveying

DMT PILOT 3D is a GNSS-independent system for applications such as underground surveying

The mobile system DMT Pilot 3D, originally developed for the Mars missions, offers a wide range of application possibilities, in particular for all kinds of inspection and 3D surveying requiring fast accurate measurements where satellite-based navigation is not or insufficiently available. In the case of ship inspection, the system can be used to record and automatically position inspection photos in a previously created 3D computer model of the vessel. The system, however, can also be applied in a number of other fields, including mining or underground infrastructure projects, the forestry sector and in almost all industrial installation and building projects. 

"The inspection and 3D surveying system DMT Pilot 3D has the potential to significantly reduce the effort involved in documenting the results of structural inspections of ships - while at the same time increasing the quality", says Dr Christian Cabos, Head of Information Management Technologies at the auditing and classification company DNV GL. "We are already in a position to integrate the results of ship inspections in our inspection software ShipManager Hull." As a pilot user of the GNSS-independent inspection and 3D surveying system, DNV GL has been closely involved since the beginning in developing the system specifically for customers in the shipping industry, to create a flexible and user-friendly product.

The DMT Pilot 3D system is being developed in a long-term technological partnership with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and other partners ivii and VINS in close cooperation with end users. Within this partnership, DMT has taken on overall responsibility for the system and has the task of manufacturing the DMT Pilot 3D system and coordinating the global marketing activities.

DMT Pilot 3D will also be exhibited at the upcoming ISM International Congress for Mine Surveying in Brisbane, Australia (6-9 September 2016), the Intergeo in Hamburg, Germany (11-13 October 2016) and the Colloquium on Abandoned Mining in Goslar, Germany (10-12 November 2016)

Contact and further information:

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